May 20, 2022
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Rain SMS in English

Rain SMS in English

Rain SMS in English

Rain SMS in English

life is a storm either you get a umbrella or learn to dance in the rain.

Act like rain, carefree. Love like ocean, never ending. Be bright like sun, warming up someone`s day. Have an amazing & blessed day.

When I seen the Rain you are first come in my Mind.

My dream is to hear rocks hitting the window and see you standing in the rain.

Like the rain, I have fallen for you

Monsoon makes the love more romantic.

I like walking in the rain because nobody can see that I am crying.

Walking in the rain, holding your hand, that’s what I wish for.

I just want somebody, who kisses me in the rain.

Only a few people can feel the rain, others just get “wet”.

I love the rain – it washes memories off the sidewalk of life.

Don’t threaten me with love baby, let’s just go walking in the rain.

Sometimes, darkness can be too bright, but sometimes, rain gives you delight!!!

Love is just something you can’t explain, like the look of a rose, the smell of rain, or the feeling of forever.

Romance is the fuel that keeps love burning hot.

Walking in the rain…holding your hand…that’s what I wish for!!!

I love rainy season It makes me awesome.

Heavy rain showers remind me of challenges in life. Never ask for a lighter rain. Instead, pray for a better umbrella.

Rain makes a heart go romantic Happy Rainy Season Rain Statuses!

Please, always be with me to make me hot, its rainy season.

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